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Medical Services

Murray Woman’s Clinic offers a full range of women’s health services for women of all ages. In addition to everything you should expect from obstetrics and gynecological specialists, you may be interested to know about special treatments and procedures we can provide.


Prenatal Services

There is more to having a baby that waiting for the due date. Our staff works with expecting mothers to ensure attention to such important concerns as:

  • Diet, including vitamins and supplements essential for the health of the child and the mother.
  • Exercise to protect your health and to make pregnancy and delivery as safe and as easy as possible.
  • Monitoring the health of mother and child with regular checkups and the latest 3D and 4D ultrasound equipment.

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High Risk Obstetrics

In some cases, the age of the mother or other conditions present special challenges. The broad history and extensive experience of our medical staff means that answers to critical questions, or an on-site consultation are only steps or seconds away from your principal physician.

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Accredited Ultrasound Program

Accredited sonographers may sometimes find signs of disorders in babies that may be corrected before birth. They see evidence of illnesses that can be treated and cured before the patient even knows she has a problem.

Registered ARDMS ultrasound technicians like Cheryl Arant and Dawn Clark are not easy to find. Even harder to find are sonographers like Cheryl who have actually worked with GE technicians to improve the technology, or who, like Dawn, have years of practical experience with mature patients.

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Infertility treatment

in affiliation with the Center for Reproductive Health

Couples dream of children, but sometimes the dream cannot unfold. For many, the world-renowned specialists at the Center for Reproductive Health in Nashville offer hope with the latest treatments for infertility.

Now, these resources are available to patients in west Kentucky and Tennessee through a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and imaging specialists at Murray Woman’s Clinic. Long trips and costly overnight stays are replaced by visits to your own doctor right here at home, and the result, in many cases is the fulfillment of a dream.

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The Annual Well Woman Exam

As a means of protecting your health before problems arise, Murray Woman’s Clinic offers patients the annual examination covering a wide range of medical conditions, from child-bearing health issues to cancer screenings and osteoporosis monitoring.

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Incontinence Treatment

Only women have that particular problem of incontinence that may accompany childbirth or early aging. Exercise has to be limited; grandchildren – and sometimes your own toddler – can’t be lifted into your arms without the threat of embarrassing incontinence. Even a sneeze can be a problem.

Now, new minimally invasive techniques allow the physicians at Murray Woman’s Clinic to treat stress incontinence once and for all in an easy, outpatient procedure. In less than a day, the worry and inconvenience can be eliminated. In less than a day, you can get your life back.

Just a Note: Urodynamic testing is needed to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Following surgery, up to 23 hours outpatient observation is required for patient comfort and safety. Other forms of incontinence may be treated with medication, or may respond to other forms of treatment.

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Menopause Treatment

As a woman approaches menopause, she begins to experience changes such as hot flashes, night sweats and irregular bleeding. These hormone changes result from decreased activity of her ovaries. Murray Woman's Clinic offers several options to address these changes that can impact the quality of life during these years.

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Certified In-office Essure Permanent Birth Control

Unlike tubal ligation or vasectomy, the Essure procedure has these advantages:

  • No incisions or cutting
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Quick recovery
  • 99.8% effective (based on 4 years of follow-up)
  • Can be performed in our office with minimal anesthesia

Talk to your doctor; this procedure may not be the best option for you. The Essure procedure is not reversible and is not suitable for all patients.

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Non-surgical Alternatives to Hysterectomy

Many women are faced with the possibility of hysterectomy. The symptoms and conditions which usually signal the need for this common but serious procedure may also be treated with new technologies that reduce the need for surgery. The endometrial ablation can be performed in a number of ways depending on the extent of the patient's distress and other factors, but it tends to be A simple in-office procedure with . . .

  • No hormones
  • No extended recovery time
  • No hysterectomy

The surgical team at Murray Woman's Clinic has more than 30 years of experience with these procedures and has performed more than 300 ablation procedures. The actual procedure may take as little as 60 to 90 seconds, and often results in freedom from cramps, heavy bleeding, accidents and restricted activity.

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