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Periodically, a member of the professional staff at Murray Woman’s Clinic presents a program of public interest. The topics are selected based on the questions most often asked, or on the doctors’ belief that our patients to hear the latest information on certain treatments or conditions.

You can download them by right-clicking on the podcast icon and clicking "Save Link As..." in the menu that appears.

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Breast Cancer Janice Thurmond, ARNP
Aging Gracefully Sherry Freeman, ARNP
Infertility Janice Thurmond, ARNP
Beating Breast Cancer

Sherry Freeman, ARNP

Mirena Birth Control Dr. Deeter
Epidurals Dr. Cook
Exercise During Pregnancy Kelly Luskin, ARNP
Depression Janice Thurmond, ARNP
Oral Contraception Dr. Deeter
Pregnancy-Obesity Dr. Hjerpe
Abdominal Pain Kelly Luskin, ARNP
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Janice Thurmond, ARNP
Birth Control Pills and Smoking Dr. Deeter
Stress Incontinence Dr. Hjerpe
A "Normal" Period Dr. Burnett
Minimally Invasive Surgery Dr. Hjerpe
Miscarriage Dr. Burnett
Preparing for Pregnancy Janice Thurmond, ARNP
When to Stop Taking Birth Control Pills Sherry Freeman, ARNP
Uterine Fibroids or Tumors Dr. Deeter
Eptopic Pregnancy Dr. Cook
Flu Vaccines Janice Thurmond, ARNP
Menopause Without Medication Sherry Freeman, ARNP
Menopause Dr. Burnett
Internet Medicine Dr. Hjerpe
Amenorrhea (absence
of menstrual period)
Dr. Cook
During Pregnancy
Kelly Luskin, ARNP
Breast Cancer Janice Thurmond, ARNP
(the transition years)
Sherry Freeman, ARNP
Thyroid Disease Dr. Hjerpe
Excessive Bleeding Dr. Burnett